The Wonderful World of Pardot

Pardot Menus

When you first open Pardot, the system seems so simple.  After all, beyond the landing Dashboard, there are only four places you can go from here: Marketing, Prospects, Reports, or Admin.  Only, it’s not as simple as it sounds because within those four tabs, you could choose from over 80 different reports/lists/menus.

Like any Salesforce tool, Pardot is a robust tool with many options and tons of features.  And Pardot offers some great training tools to help you learn and navigate how to do everything.  But as someone who was born very nosey, sometimes I just want to poke through everything.

So, feel free to join me as I write about my explorations into the world of Pardot and all that these menus and sub-menus have to offer…

… more to come …


Assumptions Can Be Awesome

You’ve heard the warnings that assumptions should avoided.  We all know that when you “assume” you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”  A catchy motto, and often true.  But, can an assumption be a good thing?  I think so.

Recently, I received an incredibly encouraging message from Nana Gregg inspiring me to be more engaged with other Salesforce and Pardot users in the Success Community.  She ended the message by saying “Assume you belong.”  And that got me thinking.  Most of the time I assume I don’t belong.  I assume others here are better than me, are smarter than me, and already know anything that I would have to share.

But then I flashback to 2010, when I was thrown into the role of Salesforce System Administrator.  I didn’t know then what I know now.  In those days, I didn’t understand why in Setup some objects were listed under Customize and others were listed in Create.  When creating a new field was an accomplishment worthy of celebration.

So maybe there are others out there that are starting their Salesforce journey.  Maybe they aren’t sure the difference between running a campaign in Pardot verses in Salesforce.  Maybe there’s an admin out there that doesn’t know all that a Pardot Completion Action can do, or hasn’t yet used Process Builder to automatically submit a record for approval while alerting other users in Chatter.  Maybe, just maybe, I can help someone take a step forward on their journey.  Because we’re all still learning, right?

So if you already know how to do it all, that’s awesome!  I’ve been reading and absorbing for years and appreciate all those from whom I’ve learned.  The Success Community is full of people sharing their knowledge and helping others reach the next level.  I’m ready to add my voice to this community and help someone take a step they didn’t know was possible.  I’ll just assume I belong.